Review of 2008
  • February 10 Seniors Indoor Special. Ware, England Results here.
  • March 14-16. Euro Touring Series Round 2 Vejle, Denmark.  Results here.
  • March 21-24 Neo Invitational, DXR@HarperAdams, England Results here.
  • April 11-13. Euro Touring Series Round 3 Heemstede, Netherlands.  Results here
  • June 13-15 Much-More UK GP, Stonehaven, Scotland. Pro Stock (Saturday) Results here, Modified (Sunday) Results here.
  • June 27-29. Euro Touring Series Round 5 Andernach, Germany.  Results here, Report here.
  • July 4-6. Baja Summer Madness, Sutton bank, North Yorkshire.  Results here.
  • September 21. Gas Bash, Sutton bank, North Yorkshire.  Details here, Results here.
  • October 4-5 Novarossi GP, Southend, England Results here.
  • October 10-12 European Touring Series 2008/9 Kastellaun, Germany Results here.
  • December 6-7 European Touring Series 2008/9 Budapest, Hungary Details and Results here.

Veterans Race for Electric TC and 1:12th Circuit

Over 40 but still able to hold a tranny without too much shaking? Get the ballraces in your Vimmer Frames greased, fire up the Invalid Carriage, take a quick course of industrial strength Philosan and get your entry to the ONLY race where you can't get beaten by a 12 year old! Watch out for the 2009 Race, results of 2008 race here.

Price changes on AMB equipment
Since September 2007 Sterling has been weakening against the Euro. AMB equipment is manufactured in The Netherlands and is priced in Euro. Since the beginning of 2008 the decline in Sterling against the Euro has accelerated (see item on BBC website here and for the latest exchange rate here). Our Sterling prices have been adjusted to reflect this change. We will review our prices weekly. Please note that quotes for equipment will be valid for 14 days. If you can pay in Euro we will be happy to quote in Euro.

Online Race Entry and Race Advertising with bbk - update
Since launching in September 2007 over 2000 RC racers have registered and nearly 2500 entries have been made. When the DHI Cup was opened for entry 66 drivers entered the meeting in the first minute and the modified class was full within the hour. If you want your meeting to be visible to the widest number of RC Racers use If you want to advertise your race but not use online booking we can provide that service as well. The system is available for any Race Organisers to use, regardless of whether you use our software or not. It will be used for all race meetings we Time from now on. If you want to use the system, please contact us

Help our fellow RC Racers in Belgium
The 2.4Ghz DSM Band (Spektrum, Futaba FASST, Nomadio, D.A.R.T.) system is under threat as their authorities want to ban its use for RC. Please follow this link to see their problem and sign their petition. 

January 2009

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