RC Power Boats timed by bbkRC & AMBrc
On Sunday 21st March 2004, bbk Software Ltd and the Multi Section of the Model Power Boat Association demonstrRC Power BOat, Transponder is under the perspex coverated the timing of RC RC Boat passing under the loop. Power Boats using AMBrc Identification equipment and bbkRC Race Timing software.  
The boats are powered by 3.5, 7.5 and 15cc engines.  AMBrc Personal Transponders were fitted in the rear of the boats and provided were detected by a pickup loopPontoon to support the Loop Bridge suspended from a 10m wide aluminium bridge supported by floating pontoons.  This is the first time that electronic timing has been used to time RC Power Boats in the UK.  Following this successful demonstration, the Multi Closeup of the radio cover Section of the MPBA will be using AMBrc/bbkRC to time theirA 10m aluminium loop bridge races.  You can visit the Multi Section website at and the MPBA at
March 2004
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