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DHI Cup 2005 - Denmark

Following the successful timing of the GP Touring Car Carpet World Cup, bbk were in Denmark to time the DHI Cup . This is a huge meeting with 180 competitors in 2 classes, stock and modified. There were 19 Heats, 2 rounds or practice, 6 rounds of Heats and 3 Leg Finals for all crammed into less than 48 hours! This year there were drivers form all over the world, not just Europe, including Atsushi Hara, Matt Francis, Tom Hodge, Andy Moore, David Spashett, Ben Cosgrove, Martin Hudy, Craig Dresher and of course the current World Champion, Marc Rheinard. Together with just about every Touring Car Driver in Scandinavia was racing at this high profile race, one of many this year in Denmark. For details check out www.dhi-cup.dk. Team Orion were on hand to cover the event (here) with their now legendary live Web Cast, including Web Cam and this time it included Live Race Results (here) from our bbkRC Drivers Plus Race Software. Over 30 local PCs (connected by Wireless LAN) were running the RCNetScreen software and as many again were getting instant results via PDAs and PCs. There were also many who "watched" the results unfold live on their PCs via the Internet. This has set the standard for International Race Meetings of the future. From now on you will be able to watch RC Racing lap by lap from your PC, PDA and even Mobile Phone! If you are running a meeting and want to get your results to the world, contact us ASAP. We can help you do it or come and do it for you. But please hurry, our diary is rapidly filling up! We are even taking bookings for 2006.
January 2005

GP Touring Car Carpet World Cup
One hundred and ten races, followed by a ten car shoot out. That was the 2004 GP Cells Touring Car Carpet World Cup. The meeting was administered and timed using bbkRC Drivers +. Entries were managed using a built in Driver/Competitor Email facility which enables you to send an email to all competitors to confirm entry status, including crystals, information packs and post meeting results. Competitors who brought a Laptop PC or PDA with a WiFi connection had up to date race and qualifying data on their pit tables. The race format was Reedy style with most competitors racing most other competitors at least once. The overall result was based on best 8 finishes out of 10 races with the tie break first on count back of finishing positions and then on best finish time. During races the current race order was used to provide an overall results list. We have been providing instant overall results in our software for over 10 years. We have been running WiFi race data systems for Race Officials and Competitors in the UK for nearly 3 years. This is the first International event where we have been able to deliver it to pit tables (and pockets) via a wireless link. Our efforts to provide the same live results facility to the outside world were frustrated by a cable problem, but you can now see the full results here. Next time we are determined to bring you Live Race Data that you will be able to view on your PC, PDA or even WAP Phone at the track or anywhere in the World! When will the next time be? Very soon indeed! Check out this web site for an announcement before the end of 2004 of our involvement at an International Event early in 2005. If you are planning a Race Meeting and you want to have the widest and fastest results distribution available today, contact us now. 
December 2004   

Results from the 2004 GP World Cup in Results Switzerland.  
Its all over for another year and we are full of Chocolate and Cheese! Full results, pictures and loads more can be found here.
December 2004  

bbk at the BRCA AGM 
Like previous years we were at the BRCA AGM on Sunday 31st October 2004 at Coseley School & Leisure Centre in Bilston. Wehad the latest AMBrc Equipment on display, plus some developments in Race Timing (see story above). Thanks to all those who came by our table.
October 2004 

Want to Race against the World's best Electric Touring Car drivers?
If in 1998 you wanted to try your skills against the likes of Barry Baker, Craig Dresher, Atsushi Hara, David Spashett, Josh Cyrul, Mike Swauger,  Joel Johnson or Masami Hirosaka then all you had to do was enter the ISTC World Cup at On Track 98. Those who did will never forget the experience. Those who didn't kicked themselves for passing by the chance of a racing lifetime. Well, you have another chance this December! Its not quite so convenient to us Brits but in Switzerland on December 9-12th there is another one. If you book with EasyJet the fares are rock bottom! Luton/Geneva 7.99 there and 4.99 back! There are hotel rooms for as little as 53 Swiss Francs a night (circa 25) so what is stopping you? You can even bring back some Duty Free (Switzerland is not EEC) and some Swiss Chocolates for her Christmas Present. Just check out http://worldcup.rcworld.ch/. Why are we telling you this? Well, just like the 1998 (South Shields), 1999 (London) and 2000 (Zhongshan, China) ISTC World Cups we are the Timekeeping. See you in the snow?
September 2004 

Timekeeping Services from bbk Software.
If you are planning a big meeting and need Timekeeping Services, just call us. We can run the meeting with your equipment or we can supply Computer, Printer, Decoder and Transponders. We can time meetings at all levels, in the past we have timed IFMAR World Championships, National Championships, Regional Series and Grand Prix. This is not a UK only service, we can Time Meetings anywhere in the World. In the past we have timed meetings in America, China and Europe. If you don't need a Timekeeper but just need some extra equipment, we can probably supply that as well.
September 2004   

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