Check out your AMB Equipment
Now is the time of year to check out you AMB Autocount equipment and decide if you need to repair or upgrade. If you are getting poor counts the maybe you have got water in the coax. A replacement can work wonders! We have Complete Timing Systems here and AMBrc Components here. If you are keeping an old AMB20 system going we have some used equipment here. Maybe you Race software is showing it's age? You can now buy bbkRC Pro, our most popular Race Software with annual licensing for little more than 2 a week!. Check here for features and here for ordering

DHI Cup 2005 - Denmark
Following the successful timing of the GP Touring Car Carpet World Cup, we are off to Denmark to time the DHI Cup, Jan 14-16 2005 . This is a huge meeting with 16 Heats, 3 rounds or practice, 6 rounds of Heats and 3 Leg Finals for all crammed into less than 48 hours! This year there are drivers form all over the world, not just Europe, including Surikarn Chaidajsuriya, Atsushi Hara, Matt Francis and of course the current World Champion, Marc Rheinard. Together with just about every Touring Car Driver in Scandinavia it is going to be the start of a year of high profile races in Denmark. For details check our We hope to be able to run a live WebCast of the results. More news nearer the date.
31 December 2004

100th Customer of bbkRC!
Following the success of the GP Carpet World Cup in Switzerland earlier this month we have had a rush of new users of bbkRC and we have just recorded out 100th License for Caldicot Radio Controlled Car Club and our "Win a Free PT" Competition is now closed. The Winner is Andy Oldman who predicted 31st December 2004. Well done Andy! We now offer annual licensing of our most popular software, bbkRC Pro, for just 117.50 per year. That is about 2 per week. For that you get software that is second to none with full telephone support and updates. Check out the features of bbkRC Pro here. Why settle for anything less?  
24 December 2004   

AMB price increases - 1st January 2005  
AMB equipment will be rising in price from 1st January 2005 by between 3% and 12%. We can supply at the current prices up to 24th December 2004.
December 2004   

DRIVERnet on the Pocket PC 
On show at the 2004 BRCA AGM was the latest development of DRIVERnet. For over 10 years bbk Software has offered a networked Race Information system. Originally based on a wired network, bbkRC DRIVERS adds the possibility of Wireless networking, a very convenient option for Race Organisers. Despite Laptops becoming smaller, the ultimate in convenience can only achieved using a hand held device. Now its available, DRIVERnet for the Pocket PC. Within a few seconds of powering up the Pocket PC can be scanning the results of races (including lap times) and overall results, updated after each race. You can view the race in progress and the race schedule, so you know when your next race is scheduled to start. You can also view the lap times in Open Practice.  

Overall Results of the 3 leg A Final, faster than a printing printer!If you want the latest race data in your hand this is what you need. A WiFi enabled Pocket PC (we use and recommend Dell Axim 30, costing less than 300 including VAT & UK Delivery) and a club that runs bbkRC DRIVERS Plus. 

The demonstration at the AGM was very popular and as a result the BRCA Large Scale On Road Section will be offering this system in addition to PC based DRIVERnet next year. The 1/8th Rallycross Section will using this to assist their Referees. 

When you set up DRIVERnet you can choose whether to make the network "Open" or "closed" using encryption. You decide whether anyone can connect or not. The WiFi Network range depends on the location of the Wireless Access Points. On open ground a range of 200 yards is possible. Indoors the range is more limited, but it is possible to set up WAPS in different rooms and the Pocket PC will "roam" rather like a mobile phone.  

Click here for a gallery of screen shots. DRIVERnet for the Pocket PC is under further development and will be available by January 2005. As we gain experience of use we may well change the colours and detail of the pages, in order to improve readability and usefulness.  

November 2004

10 Reasons why Race Directors & Timekeepers love bbkRC
In its first year of general release nearly 100 copies of bbkRC have been sold. 
bbkRC is used in England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Switzerland, South Africa and Malta GC. Why is it so popular?  Here are some reasons suggested by users.

November 2004

Have you got and AMB8300, AMB8800 or AMB20 System on its last legs? Are your AMB20 Transponders not lasting the meeting? 
If you have an older AMB system and its getting a bit tired, maybe we can help you to keep it going a bit longer until you can make the move to AMBrc and Personal Transponders. Click here for prices of replacement transponders and decoders. 
September 2004 

Want to Race against the World's best Electric Touring Car drivers?
If in 1998 you wanted to try your skills against the likes of Barry Baker, Craig Dresher, Atsushi Hara, David Spashett, Josh Cyrul, Mike Swauger,  Joel Johnson or Masami Hirosaka then all you had to do was enter the ISTC World Cup at On Track 98. Those who did will never forget the experience. Those who didn't kicked themselves for passing by the chance of a racing lifetime. Well, you have another chance this December! Its not quite so convenient to us Brits but in Switzerland on December 9-12th there is another one. If you book with EasyJet the fares are rock bottom! Luton/Geneva 7.99 there and 4.99 back! There are hotel rooms for as little as 53 Swiss Francs a night (circa 25) so what is stopping you? You can even bring back some Duty Free (Switzerland is not EEC) and some Swiss Chocolates for her Christmas Present. Just check out Why are we telling you this? Well, just like the 1998 (South Shields), 1999 (London) and 2000 (Zhongshan, China) ISTC World Cups we are the Timekeeping. See you in the snow?
September 2004 

Timekeeping Services from bbk Software.
If you are planning a big meeting and need Timekeeping Services, just call us. We can run the meeting with your equipment or we can supply Computer, Printer, Decoder and Transponders. We can time meetings at all levels, in the past we have timed IFMAR World Championships, National Championships, Regional Series and Grand Prix. This is not a UK only service, we can Time Meetings anywhere in the World. In the past we have timed meetings in America, China and Europe.
September 2004   

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