AMBrc4 is Cheaper than you think
If your club is running with manual timing or an old AMB20 system, maybe now is the time to upgrade to an RC4 Autocount system.  You may have thought that an Autocount system will cost you in the region of 5000.  If that was the case then maybe you should know the actual price. 

What do you need?
First you need a computer.  A top spec Laptop will cost well under 200. You will also need a printer, well that can cost under 30, just make sure the ink cartridges don't cost as much as the printer. You might consider a cheap laser printer. Prices are from around 60 and the benefit is the prints won't run in the rain.

Next you will need an AMBrc4 Decoder and Loop.  This will cost you 3000.  What about transponders? Years ago this would have doubled the price of the Timing System.  Now the situation is different.  With Personal Transponders the choice is down to the drivers, if they want to be counted they put a PT in their car.  If not they speak nicely to the Timekeeper to manually count their laps.  That is what he has been doing so far anyway.

All you need now is a Race Program.  We sell those as well.  We have packages for AMBrc4 Decoders and bbkRC our Windows based Race Program including bundles of RC4 Personal Transponder from under 3200

If you have an AMB20 system we can do a trade in. The Decoder upgrade from AMB20 to RC4 is less than 2000 and we can offer you a discount on Personal transponders in exchange for your AMB20 Decoders, working or not.

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August  2016

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