IFMAR 1/8th Off Road World Championship
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The Venue

Silverton Hotel
Tel: +1 702 263 7777/+1 800 588 7711

333 Blue Diamond Rd
Las Vegas
Nevada 89139 USA

Alternative Hotels


Nice to welcome Sally and me personally!
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The Date October 9-15 2000

The TimeTable Monday 9th 08:00-18:00 Registration
13:30-17:30 Practice 1
Tuesday 10th 08:00-12:00 Practice 2
13:00-17:00 Practice 3
17:30 Opening Ceremony
Wednesday 11th 08:00-12:00 Heats Round 1
13:00-17:00 Heats Round 2
Thursday 12th 08:00-12:00 Heats Round 3
13:00-17:00 Heats Round 4
Friday 13th!
(it is bad luck to be superstitious)
08:00-12:00 Heats Round 5
13:00-17:00 Heats Round 6
19:00 Banquet, Silverton
Saturday 14th 08:00-12:00 Sub Finals
13:00-17:00 Sub Finals
Sunday 15th 08:00-12:30 Sub Finals
13:30-15:00 Finals
16:00  Prize Ceremony

The Racing Format

There will be 150 competitors from 24 Countries around the world. 

Heats will be of 10 minutes, refueling will almost certainly be required during heats. All practice sessions will be timed. The second and third practice sessions will be used to grade the drivers into groups of 50 and these groups will each be seeded into 5 heats, so the fastest 50 in practice will qualify together, as will the next 50 and the slowest 50, ensuring heats should be well matched. Practice and Heats will use the staggered starting system.

Finals use the Christmas Tree or Bump Up format. Top Qualifier automatically goes to pole in the A whilst all other qualifiers are seeded into 2 streams of 7 car Sub Finals. Even number qualifiers placed in one stream and odd number placed in the other. These sub finals (20 minutes duration) run in reverse order with the top 3 from each making up places 8 to 10 in the next higher sub final in their stream. It is possible for the bottom qualifier to progress through the Finals. The top sub finals in the two streams will promote the first 4 drivers into the Final (60 minutes duration), plus the fastest 5th place driver. These pilots join the TQ Pilot, for the Main Final.

The Track

ifmar2000track.jpg (85089 bytes)Will be constructed on the Silverton Hotel car park (see picture above). Click on the small diagram for a larger track layout. We will provide pictures when the track has been built.

The Results

Shows Final Qualifying, all Finals and Overall Placing. There is also some analysis and just added (7 Nov 2000) some graphs showing sector times and speed of some of the Main Finalists.

The Pictures

New pictures added 20th October.

The Stories

We have some stories, more will follow. 

The Warmup

Was in May. You can see the results and read a brief report on the bbk Software Web site.


Computer Conference for this meeting. Link to Newcomers to create an account then Members to participate.

TFW8 R/C Results & News, covering IFMAR 2000 USA

International Federation of Model Auto Racers (IFMAR) 



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