bbkRC How To Setup up new Crystal Channels including 2.4Ghz
You can set up any crystal channel you like using bbkRC and define the band width. the crystal allocation will check the bandwidth of each crystal channel and ensure that when crystal's are allocated there is no danger of cross channel interference. This checking also watches for possible imaging that can occur when certain 40 and 41Mhz channels are in use.

Adding a new channel
Select Setup System - Setup Options and select the Crystals tab.

You can add a new channel to an existing band by Right Mouse Clicking over the Frequency table. A new channel, in this case Channel 35 will be added and you can then overtype with a name and frequency. If you want to add a 2.4Ghz channel, assign frequency 0.001 and it will be displayed as 2.4Ghz. The rules for allocating 2.4Ghz are that it will not clash with any other frequency and it will allocate any number of 2.4Ghz radios to one race. If you want to distinguish between 2.4Ghz systems, just use the Name as in the example on the right.

You can add 2.4GHz to any and all the bands you use for convenience.




27Mhz Narrow Band
When this becomes available you can define and new band by taking one of the existing bands that you are not using and modify it.

For this example we will reallocate Swiss 35Mhz to 27Mhz Narrow Band. First select the Swiss 35Mhz Tab and modify the Names, set the Bandwidth to 10 and Enable the Band. Then click on the first Channel name and overtype 1 and click on the Frequency and overtype 26.965. Repeat this for the remaining channels, adding new channels as required. If certain channels are not to be used, click in the Avoid box to stop them being used.



Once the 27Mhz narrow band channels become available, it is likely that in practice both 27Mhz broad band and narrow band radios will be used together. If this is the case, use the two different 27Mhz bands to set crystals appropriately. This will ensure that no cross channel inference will occur. If for example you have a car on Red (27.045 broad band) the band width of 18khz will ensure that narrow band channels 8, 9 and 10 (27.035-27.055) will not be allocated.

You can modify any of the bands as required.





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