Mylaps RC4 Frequently asked questions
What is the RC4 Decoder?
Mylaps RC4 Decoder is based on the RC3 Decoder hardware but with updated firmware that detects the RC4 data messages sent by the Harry and Purcy transponders in addition to the data messages sent by the AMB Rechargeable and Direct Powered transponders. The RC4 Decoder will detect ALL AMB and Mylaps RC Transponders.

Will the RC4 Decoder detect non AMB/Mylaps Transponders reliably?
No. As they are not designed or manufactured by AMB/Mylaps we don't know why.  

How do I upgrade to the RC4 Decoder?
If you have a recent RC3 Decoder then all that is required is a free firmware update. If you have an older RC3 Decoder or the previous RC Decoder then you can trade in your old decoder for an RC4 Decoder. Further details of this here.

How does the RC4 Decoder connect to the Timing Computer?
Like the RC4 Decoder the connection is either Serial or Network. There is no USB connection. the RC4 Decoder requires a 12v power supply. You can use a USB Serial adapter but you still need a 12v power supply, either 240v or 12v battery.

Will the Harry transponder continue to be available?
As long as there is a significant demand for the Hybrid transponder it will be available.

Why isn't Car ID available on the Harry Transponder?
The Harry transponder can be detected by the AMBrc and Mylaps RC3 decoders. These decoders are not aware of the Car ID and so would not be able to report if two different transponders with the same 7 digit number were in use. As a result it would not be possible to determine if an apparent lap time was recorded by one or two transponders. This would cast doubt over the validity of racing results. 

If an RC3 Decoder is replaced under warranty will it be replaced with an RC3 or RC4 Decoder?
The replacement will be the current RC Decoder which is the RC4 decoder.

What can I do if my AMB/Mylaps transponder becomes faulty?
If the transponder is out of the 3 year warranty period it can be traded in for a new Harry or Purcy. If in Warranty and it has not been physically damaged it will be replaced at no charge. If it has been physically damaged, such as been milled by a Spur Gear or the wires broken at the body it can be traded in for a new Harry or Purcy. Trade ins and replacements are usually by return of post. It any transponder becomes intermittent always check that it is plugged into the receiver the correct way round and the plug is not loose. 

Will current Race Software work with the RC4 Decoder?
Provided the Race Software supports serial or network connection the RC4 Decoder should work with current Race Software. Check with your Race Software supplier. All bbk Race Software works with the RC4 Decoder. The Car ID Harry transponders will work with RC4 Decoder and current Race Software. To avoid two transponders being used to simulate a single car there is a mechanism to prevent a second Car ID transponder from being detected for a period after the first Car ID transponder with the same 7 digit number. This timeout is initially set to 100 seconds. It can be changed via the decoder menu. With RC4 compliant software there is no such mechanism and the transponder passing will be reported together with the Car ID. An RC4 compliant update to bbkRC will be available during the first quarter of 2013.

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